About Chinook

Chinook's History

The literary magazine Chinook is beginning its 47th year in the Arkansas Valley. Chinook, meaning warm wind, was introduced to the Otero Junior College campus by veteran professor, Dr. Tim Walsh who sponsored the publication for roughly twenty-five years. Over the years, it has supported hundreds of writers' voices through poetry, essays, short stories, and art work. Submissions in each year's addition are not only from the La Junta area, but also surrounding schools, businesses, and individuals.

Chinook Instructor Christina Stork
Chief Editor/ Advisor: Christina Stork

Before retiring in 2002, Walsh invited Jean Armstrong to become the next faculty sponsor and senior advisor, and Armstrong added to the length of the publication and incorporated color. Armstrong worked closely with OJC's Art Department, enabling students' and communities' members artistic talent has been showcased alongside the brilliant literary submissions. Armstrong has since moved to Wyoming to be with her husband, who is now the President of Eastern Wyoming College. Now, the publication lies in the hands of Christina Stork. Stork continues on in the tradition set by Walsh and incorporates the art established by Armstrong. In addition, Stork chooses the student editor each spring semester and provide's a writing scholarship through the English Department. The student editor also receives three elective Humanities credits.

This is Chinook's 47th year, and we anticipate another warm wind of new talent to arrive in our new edition. We look forward to your story.

Student Editor

We have been fortunate over the years to have had many student editors willing to take the task of creating the final publication. This year our editor is Alessa Gomez, and they look forward to reading your submissions. Please take the time to Submit to Chinook and attach your poem, short story, or essay. If you'd like to submit art, it can be sent electronically using the homepage link, or feel free to leave a photo of your piece with the Humanities secretary, and she will make sure the editor receives it.

This Year's Editor: Alessa Gomez

"Looking forward to new submissions!"

Alessa Gomez
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