Frequently Asked Questions


Here we will try to answer as many of the frequently asked questions as possible. If, however, we do not answer your question, feel free to email us and ask!

Do I have to be a student at OJC?

No, anyone can submit. However, due to the high volume of entries each year, typically college student age group submissions, community or faculty members, or family of the above are typically preferred.

Can I submit photography?

We encourage created works of art, either physical media, or digital artwork, but photography is fine.

How long can my submission be?

Poetry is limited to 24 lines, or less. Written work is limited to 1500 words or less.

How many works can I submit?

You can submit as many as you want, however a maximum of one will be selected for the publication.

How many categories can I submit for?

As in the above question, you can submit for as many as you like, just state on a submission which one you personally feel fits you best.

When is the last day to submit?

All submissions must be in by February 1, 2013. Likely, baring extreme circumstances, there will not be exceptions.

Why all the fields on the web form?

It is simply to contact the authors of work about their submissions. If you do not feel like sharing personal information that is fine, just be sure we have a way to contact you.


As of 2010, Chinook prints on 100% recycled paper. :)
Save a tree, submit your entry online.

How much does a copy of Chinook cost?

Once final costs are assessed from printing we will post a price. Contributors will receive two copies for free.

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