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Here are some of the past covers of Chinook, as well as some submissions previously selected for publication. Please, remember these are all copyright to their original authors & artists.

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Chinook 2013
2016 - Editor – 
Cheyanne Foeppel
Chinook 2013
2013 - Editor
Bethany Dilda
Chinook 2012
2012 - Editor –
Michelle Hull
Cover –  Dan Gragert
Chinook 2011
2011 - Editor:
Dan Gragert
Chinook 2010
2010 - Editor: Carina Estrada
2009 Chinook
2009 - Editor Sara Pearce
Chinook 2007
2007 - Editor –  Melanie Grinstead
Cover –  Andrea Walsh
Chinook 2006
2006 - Editor: Amanda Efird
Chinook 2004
2004 - Editor – Rhonda Dove
Chinook 2003
Chinook 1992
1992 – Editor: Barbara Mascarenas
Cover –  Crystal Eckhart
Chinook 1992
1992 - Editor: Susan Yoder
Cover –  Yvonne Uyemura
Chinook 1984
1984 - Editor: Lynn Anderson
Cover - Tom Armstrong
Chinook 1983
1983 – Editor: Diane Schlegel
Cover –  Shirley Garlington
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Sample Works


If you have the urge to write an itty, bitty ditty
A nitty, gritty tale that never ever rhymes,
A ticky–tacky wicky–wacky never be a hitty,
Overrated, outdated lines beyond the time,
A never ever song of humble–jumbled diddle daddle,
A dingle–dangled could–a should–a epic unsublime,
A turkey–lurkey, herky–jerky, piece of dribble drabble.

Perhaps your rootin', tootin' high-falutin' shootin' style is on the fritz,
Understated penetrated ostracized and compromised
Your steady–Eddy, rough and ready Freddy's wit's about to quit,
The rubba–dubba, hubba'hubba's barely realized,
Your lolly gaggin', scally–waggin', feet–a–draggin' doesn't help a bit,
Leaves you shaken, God forsaken, and overtaken,
And the double trouble, on the bubble, is sure the pits.

But you're a hunky–dory, palsy–walsy, handy dandy kind a Joe,
And easy–breezy, sure to pleasy text signifies your style,
Pitter–patter, doesn't matter efforts brings you woe,
And lazy–daisy, fraction–action, misses by a mile,
Create a super–duper, killer–diller novel–balley–hooed,
Asheeler–dealer, chiller–thriller beaut' compiled,
And famous Amos, trippler–scribbler, you'll be construed.

—Johnnie Allen
Community Friend

A Small Cathedral

A small cathedral
Floating, shimmering down, down
A crystal of light

—Stephen Joseph Reeves
OJC Sophomore
Snow Fall

Twisting branches swirl
Sharp brisk air quickly fills me
The snow will soon fall

—Jacob Ferritto
OJC Freshman

Getting Preschoolers into a Line

Lines wiggle
Lines squiggle
Lines break out in giggle-tiggles

Lines bump
Move with a jump
Lines creep on with thumps and whumps

Line up for recess!
Line up for lunch!
This line's in a tangle! This line's in a bunch!

Why in the world, in this world full of
squiggles, do we put children into
lines and not into w 

—Darlene Blackford
               OJC Faculty

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